Greater Exodus Baptist Church

Greater Exodus Baptist Church is one of the most unique churches in America. Our holistic approach to ministry attracts people from diverse persuasions. People from the tri-state area are attracted to us for a variety of reasons.

Although Jesus has one overriding dominant mission - to save those that are lost - He has many ministries and so do we. Like our Lord Jesus, our mission never changes. However, our methods and ministries change based upon the needs of the people we serve. For whatever reasons you are led to come to the Church, Greater Exodus welcomes you with open arms. The doors of the Church are open every day of the week 12 hours a day!

Pastor Lusk, the deacons, the ministers, and the entire congregation are committed to not allowing anyone to out Love us, out Pray us, out Serve us, out Give us, and above all, out Believe us.

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