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The Frederick Douglass Christian School (FDCS) has a rich heritage. Located in the city of Chester, Pennsylvania, FDCS was once the "colored school" during the days of segregation. It is, therefore, significant that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. attended the Crozer Seminary and Calvary Baptist Church here in Chester. In the 1980s after the Frederick Douglass School ceased to be a public school, World Impact purchased the building.

In 1995, it opened as the Frederick Douglass Christian School. Hundreds of children throughout the economically-distressed community of Chester have found a safe, nurturing environment to learn, to grow and to be challenged. Some of our first students graduated from area high schools and have moved onto college and yes, even graduate school!

Patricia Vallot

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We have two funds that donors can give to: The FDCS General Fund and Student Sponsorship Program, which supports tuition costs for our students. Donors in the Student Sponsorship Program are matched with a child and make a yearly financial commitment.

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Grace Dental Clinic was birthed into a once dark storage room in the basement of the Frederick Douglass Christian School. Since its opening the Grace Dental Clinic has seen close to 100 patients and consistently has 100 people on its waiting list. Patients only pay $10 for the services they receive. The clinic is open on Fridays and is staffed by volunteer dentists and hygienists.

There is a big need for affordable dental care in Chester. There are procedures we can offer and some that we cannot because we do not have enough dentists that specialize in certain areas. We are continuing to look for more dentists, hygienists, and assistants so that we can be open more days. God has blessed us with a unique opportunity to brighten the smiles of Chester residents and we look forward to seeing Him work in their lives.

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